Call for Participants to International Summer School
"Siberian Satellite Design School  2023" (SSDS-23s)

Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology

Is one of leading univesities in Russia that trains highly qualified personnel for the aerospace industry.

  The University conducts a large number of aerospace developments (onboard control systems, electrical power systems, mechanical and antenna systems, etc.).

The University has a rich experience in small satellites development and operation: small satellites  Yubileyny-1 (RS-30)  and Yubileyny-2 (RS 40)   were launched in 2008 and 2012.

ReshUCube-1   was launched on August 9, 2022. ReshUCube- is sheduled to July 2023 to be launched ReshUCube-3  is under development.


Reshetnev University's Mission Control Center allows controlling satellites and receiving telemetry from them.


ReshUCube-1's Photo of Earth

Reshetnev University Mission Control Center



We welcome undergraduate and postgraduate students, young researchers and specialists to join online International Summer School
“Siberian Satellite Design School – 2023” to be held on
21 st   August – 31 st   August  2023.

The main goal of SSDS-23s is studying of the CubeSat satellites development and operation fundamentals.

Program Content


CubeSat development concepts

CubeSat mechanical design

CubeSat power system

CubeSat attitude control system

CubeSat communication system

CubeSat payload

Management issues of Cubesat 

  CubeSat operation