“Siberian Satellite Design School 2022” (SSDS-22s)

22nd August – 1st September 2022

Per aspera ad astra!


Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology

is one of leading universities in Russia that trains highly qualified personnel for aerospace industry.


The University conducts a large number of aerospace developments (onboard control systems, electrical power systems, mechanical and antenna systems, etc.).

The University has an experience in small satellites development and operation: small satellites  Yubileyny-1 (RS-30) and Yubileyny-2 (RS 40)  had been launched in 2008 and 2012.

ReshUCube-1 is scheduled to August of 2022 to be launched; ReshUCube-2 is under development.


Reshetnev University’s Mission Control Center allows controlling satellites and receiving telemetry from them.



Wewelcome undergraduate and postgraduate students, young researchers and specialists to join online International Summer School “Siberian Satellite Design School – 2022” to be held on 22nd August – 1st September 2022.

The main goal of SSDS-22s is studying of the CubeSat satellites development fundamentals.

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What will be learned?


CubeSat development concept

CubeSat mechanical design

CubeSat power system

CubeSat attitude control system

CubeSat communication system

CubeSat payload

Management issues of Cubesat development, production and launch  



School’s outcomes

The school implies online intensive project training of nanosatellites design. Participants will gain rich knowledge in lectures and useful experience in practical classes. As a result of the school program the teams of participants will present individual projects of different Cubesats developed for selected by them space missions.

School participants will receive a Certificate with a volume of 80 hours (3 credits) in the discipline “Introduction to the design of Cubesat class spacecraft”.

Participants will have an opportunity to communicate with specialists conducting theoretical and practical research in this field.


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Teaching team  

The SSDS teaching team consists of Russian top experts and specialists from Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology, who has experience in small satellites and on-board spacecraft systems development, as well as physical research in space.

       Timetable of SSDS-2022


Application opens

1 st May 2022

Application deadline

15 th August 2022

Course time

22nd August - 1 st September 2022


Application & Admission

You can apply by e-mail to the school: sibspaceschool@gmail.com


A complete application form 


A brief description of the research interests (maximum 2500 characters without spaces)


A scanned copy of a passport



Organizational issues

Svetlana Gorbunova, Vice-Head of International Cooperation Department, e-mail: sibspaceschool@gmail.com


Training program

Vladislav Khanov , coordinator, associate professor, department of Security of Information Technologies, Head of the Research Laboratory “Small satellite”, e-mail: khvkh@mail.ru


Dmitriy Zuev , coordinator, Vice-Head of the Research Laboratory “Small satellite”, e-mail: zuevdmitriy93@yandex.ru


Anthony Piatkov , coordinator, Research Laboratory “Small satellite”,

e-mail: AnthonyWolfhound@gmail.com  


Costs of the program

Participation in the International Summer School 2022s is $ 150 for both foreign and Russian participants. You can pay in dollars or rubles at exchange rate on the day of payment.


Siberian Satellite Design School’s preliminary scheduleis available in Appendix A.

Full information is here.