The head of the scientific laboratory of the Reshetnev University as an invited expert visited the enterprises of the leading company in the food bioproduction in China


10th July – July 21st , 2023. Head of the scientific laboratory of Biodegradable Polymer Materials Department in Reshetnev University, PhD in Biological sciences Anna Sukhanova within the framework of a contract with industrial partnerJSC “SIBAGRO” visited the research and production laboratory of China's state-leading company COFCO Engineering and Technology Co, Wuxi as an expert for the acceptance of an industrial producer strain lysine. 

The trip was initiated by the industrial partner of Reshetnev University, JSC “SIBAGRO” which is building a new plant of deep-processing of grain. Anna Sukhanova took part in the testing of strain of the Cofco Company laboratory and at its factory

During 7 days the in Reshetnev University expert together with the Chief technologist of JSC “SIBAGRO” participated in the preparation for the fermentation, which involved selection of productive strain colonies, preparation of inoculant, fermentation and result analysis. The conferenced with the Chinese colleges was held everyday.

The scientific production laboratory of Cofco Company cooperates tightly with the Jiangnan Uniiversity National Engineering Center of Fermentation and Food Bioproduction

This is a modern laboratory with the all necessary tools for fermentation and scaling: fermenters from 5 to 1000 L. There are held some student practices where they are making beer, ferments and vitamins for realization in commercial use. Many university patents of producing biotechnological products belongs to the Cofco Company

This is a fact that. the colleagues from Chinese laboratory are working faster than us with the same methods of production – shares  Anna.

The next stop of the trip was Myande Group. Myande Group is a leading equipment and engineering service supplier in such industrial sectors as butter and fats, starch and starch derivatives extraction. The group showed the plant and how the modern production equipment is made.

I was impressed by the Chinese hospitality and openhearted. The Chinese colleagues in companies and University are always ready to tell us about everything and to share their experience. Their working speed is also impressive! And of course their working scale! All laboratories and plants are working as a single mechanism! –says Anna

As a result of the trip, this autumn Reshetnev University awaits for the Chinese delegation of the Cofco Company with a visit to the scientific laboratory of Biodegradable Polymer Materials Department. Together with the Chinese colleagues they are planning to recheck the strain for the JSC “SIBAGRO”. After that the strain will be kept in Reshetnev University scientific laboratory. As for now the cooperation agreement between Jiangnan University and Reshetnev University is preparing.